Ireland’s Pubs are much more than simply places for drinking – they are Social Experiences: theater, debating room, and family room.

Our aim at Kildare’s is to create a truly Authentic Traditional Irish Pub.  Throughout our pubs we’ve displayed Irish bric-a-brac that represent Irish music, brewing traditions, literature, sports, and history.  Each of our pubs feature the 5 Authentic Pub Styles, listed below:

In many of the rural areas on the Isle of Erin, pubs would share real estate with the General Store or Post Office. Patrons could enjoy a pint while picking up eggs or stamps. [/column2]

Some of the oldest known signs of civilization have been discovered in Ireland.  Gaelic Pubs are a tribute to these early inhabitants and their relationship with nature, by utilizing hand-hewn wood and iron.

The Pub is an extension of the home, where publicans would open up their doors to friends and neighbors alike for cheerful hours of drinking, storytelling, conversation and music.

Out of the literary pubs of Dublin, grew story, rhyme, and song – some of Ireland’s most beloved treasures. These pubs were usually donned with bookshelves, fine wall paper and fireplaces.

A homage to the Brew Pubs of Ireland, the Brew houses a large copper bar and replica of St. James’s Gate, which are tributes to the great brewing traditions of Irish Whiskey, Ale, Lager and Stout.


Ask for a tour of the 5 Pub Styles represented in this Kildare’s!